Here at The Gaming Solutions, we have established the backbone of our organization through our entire family. Throughout the gaming experiences we thoroughly enjoyed on a daily basis; we encountered a minor problem which eventually became a major problem and ended up costing us unnecessary expenses just to continue enjoying this family time.

Everyone who is a gamer is familiar with the delicate rubber lining which encases all major gaming console controllers. After a short amount of time, this lining can easily get worn out, damaged, and even become sharp enough to the point where it can cause you physical damage to your hands. Not only does this cost you money, it also makes the whole gaming experience much less enjoyable.

Family has always been our main motivation, long before The Gaming Solutions was established. We have continually instilled a foundation of love, devotion, care, honesty, respect, fairness, and humanitarianism. This is what gave us a group approach when coming up with a solution to end our unnecessary expenses on damaged controllers. Through these ordeals which our family was faced with all too often, we strived to come up with a way to protect our investments.

This is how we eventually launched our first product line; ThumbSkinz. When we developed this solution, we were instantly impacted beyond our expectations. Not only did ThumbSkinz make gaming more comfortable while protecting our investment, it also allowed each of our precious children to customize their controller to express their unique individuality.

We instantly knew the impact that this product can have, not just for gamers, but for their parents who fund this expensive hobby. Since that point, our company has been devoted to supplying this solution and has been the frontrunner for developing other gaming solutions such as our highly anticipated “PalmSkinz” line. Our small family-operated business has quickly grown primarily through the demand of these solutions and we look forward to continuing to supply the world with money-saving “Gaming Solutions.”